marvel_dcWelcome to our collective Superhero Throwdown blog!

What is “Superhero Throwdown“? Well, what started as a challenge amongst two old friends to start drawing again suddenly became a weekly event. And because the two of them are probably one of the biggest “Fanboy Geeks” I know … (hey, we all went to San Diego so they could go to the Comicon, while I lounged at the beach) the topics naturally turned to comic characters.

So in order for the artists (not me, of course) to critique each others work, they’d make it a point to meet at our favorite legendary tavern weekly. I, of course, tagged along purely because I craved the incredible burgers at this joint.

And well, since I have a “healthy” knowledge of comic lore (like I mentioned above, I *did* go to San Diego with them and *did* attend the Con for one of the days …), my two favorite Fanboys decided to give me a role.

Yep. I got to choose which character they would draw weekly.

And hell … it’s just waaay too much fun being able to “commission” a drawing every week. Whatever. Character. I. Choose. As long as they’re Superheroes or Supervillians.

And although these challenges have only been going on for about two months now, I must say that I’ve seen incredible improvement in the drawing skills.

After a stint on Facebook and a gathering of a few more participants … we decided to move the challenges over to its own home.

So come one, come all … enjoy these collections of works. And comment comment COMMENT. Because, good or bad, it’s always great to get feedback.

AND … if you’re interested in participating in the challenges, click here and one of the admins will get back to you on how to become a contributer.

– “Commissioner” Emily


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